---------------------------2014 September 30---------------------------

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I think I’m getting the hang of this “answering questions” thing. What do Yu guys think?

- Sho

---------------------------2014 September 30---------------------------

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Happy P4Ultimax Release Day!

---------------------------2014 September 21---------------------------

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Seriously, they’re really weird sometimes.

- Chie

---------------------------2014 September 18---------------------------

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Yukiko-senpai’s a great listener!

~ Rise 

( With tipsy-arachnid as Rise! )

---------------------------2014 September 9---------------------------

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u ok there souji

Featuring asktheinvestigationteam!

> Against their better judgment, Yosuke and Rise leave you to your drunken posting.

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> You decide to wish him the best of luck.

---------------------------2014 August 27---------------------------

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Heh, perhaps I’m worth even less than the rest of them.

[ Thanks for 2000+ followers! We appreciate the support! ]

---------------------------2014 August 24---------------------------

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We all have our own ways.

- Chie

( Special guests: Rise, Naoto, and Adachi )

---------------------------2014 August 22---------------------------

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Japan Expo 2014!

Hi guys,

Just a head’s up, Pulse and I will be at Japan Expo: 2nd Impact in San Mateo, CA, tomorrow/Saturday the 23rd!  We’ll be in Chie and either Yukiko or Rise in their summer uniforms, so if you’ll be there, please keep an eye out for us!  c:

We’re hoping to set aside some time to film some new answers in the coming week or so, please stay tuned!

- Line

---------------------------2014 August 16---------------------------

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Dude, what just happened?

- Yosuke

BONUS ALTERNATE END (With dollmiraceti):