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Yukiko-senpai’s a great listener!

~ Rise 

( With tipsy-arachnid as Rise! )

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u ok there souji

Featuring asktheinvestigationteam!

> Against their better judgment, Yosuke and Rise leave you to your drunken posting.

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> You decide to wish him the best of luck.

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Heh, perhaps I’m worth even less than the rest of them.

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We all have our own ways.

- Chie

( Special guests: Rise, Naoto, and Adachi )

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Japan Expo 2014!

Hi guys,

Just a head’s up, Pulse and I will be at Japan Expo: 2nd Impact in San Mateo, CA, tomorrow/Saturday the 23rd!  We’ll be in Chie and either Yukiko or Rise in their summer uniforms, so if you’ll be there, please keep an eye out for us!  c:

We’re hoping to set aside some time to film some new answers in the coming week or so, please stay tuned!

- Line

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Dude, what just happened?

- Yosuke

BONUS ALTERNATE END (With dollmiraceti):

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Hey everyone, we’re once again sorry for our lack of updates recently. We promise there will be more content coming soon. In the meantime, we’ve made two small updates to our page:

  • When we first started this blog we honestly didn’t expect it to get as big or go on as long as it has, and since we’ve asked several friends of ours to help us out with responses and a handful of them are recurring guests, we’ve added a Guest Stars page. We’ll probably keep adding credits for them at the bottom of each post, but if you’d like to check out their personal blogs, they’re all linked there, along with an example of their work with us. To everyone that’s helped us out, thank you very much!
  • Minor updates to the About Us page, including an updated event schedule to let you all know which cons we’ll be attending for the rest of this year and for 2015. 

Thank you guys so much for your patience, we’ll have more answers for you soon. Keep sending those questions in!!

- Pulse & Line

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Sometimes the messages we get are pretty weird. I wonder who sends them?

( Guest starring sakura-ouji as Adachi! )